Funeral and Memorial Services

Funeral services are an incredibly supportive way to honor a loved one who has died. They can be healing and helpful to the whole community who is saying their goodbyes. 

a comforting goodbye

Solace is the desired outcome of a funeral or cremation service. Begin the healing process by telling us what you loved about the person who has died and we'll work to express and celebrate that person's essence.

Our Funeral Services

When a loved one dies, grief can be all consuming. What to do about pressing practical matters? That's something you can leave to our funeral home. Starting immediately, we can take a commanding role and guide you with empathy and experience. 

Burial Services

If a body is going to be buried, that typically means the casket will be present in the ceremony. You can have a viewing and the service at Goes Funeral Care. Or at a church or graveside chapel. Or you can commemorate your loved one's life right in your own home.
Anything is possible. 

Cremation Services

Even if the body has been cremated, that does not lessen the need for the community of loved ones to come together and honor their departed. Cremation services are just as deeply felt as a burial service. And the location for a service after cremation can be held at any location you prefer- even your home. 

Your grief will gradually lessen 

Day by day, your grief will lessen and eventually you will recall the service that helped you say goodbye with real appreciation. Build a bond with us today to help set that scenario in motion. 

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