Honoring Life

Memorial Services that should bring you some solace. We have many memorial service ideas and can assist you in making the tribute a moving and meaningful experience.

A balm for your grief and a developing trust in the healing process 

A memorial service is a pinnacle moment in your relationship with a loved one or friend. They have died but their memory can live on forever. Make the commemoration of the relationship something you can reflect upon in comfort and take solace from. We have lots of ideas for a memorial service that will be balm for your grief and a way to gracefully uphold the bond you both had. 

A new way of paying tribute - on line 

We can help you pay tribute to your loved one by placing more than the traditional obituary in the newspaper. We can put your favorite photos and even videos on a micro-website made just to honor the person you were so close to in life. It goes beyond an obituary by being on line - it's accessible, people can leave sentiments and tributes and you can keep their memories alive there. 

Honoring a life - supporting friends and family 

Goes Funeral Care - CARES! There is nothing more important to our funeral home than ensuring the memorial service we organize is an affirming and authentic experience for all who attend - and who grieve. All the details are ours; the comfort is yours.