History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

Goes Funeral Care is the first full-service firm in Northern Colorado designed to meet changing funeral customs. There is a growing trend toward more simplified services and family involvement. Unique life celebrations and tributes are becoming more desired as well. Years ago that was the way it was, families saying goodbye to loved ones in ways consistent with their lifestyle. Then the industry created bigger and bigger "professional" funeral homes. Cost went up and involvement became something the funeral home "could take care of". We are trying to bring funeral service around.

Every person is unique and deserves a life tribute that would reflect a life lived. We encourage such personalized tributes and furthermore offer our services at a sensible price because it is the right thing to do. We do not look for sales but look to provide service. If you want to purchase something, that is a personal decision for you. We also do not believe in "selling up" to increase your costs. We believe a family has the right to choose an appropriate tribute without the burden of high cost or to compromise on quality. We believe in helping you find ways to contain costs and to encourage families to participate in the funeral process. 

So now you are probably wondering how we do things. Many mortuaries have large overhead expenses which include staff, facilities, inventory and vehicles. When a family uses a mortuary they are charged a portion of the total overhead in service charges and merchandise mark-ups. At Goes Funeral Care we have greatly reduced our overhead by having a smaller facility, much like in the past. Services are held if desired within our community, at a church, a small chapel at the cemetery, in the park, at your home or at any place that brings comfort and peace. Caskets, vaults and urns are purchased when requested. Limousines and hearses are ordered from local sources as needed. We like to say we are the little funeral home in town. It makes sense to us and perhaps to you as well.

Our Valued Staff

  • Chris Goes

    Chris Goes Funeral Director/Owner

    Hi! My name is Chris Goes and I'm co-owner, with my wife, Stephanie, of Goes Funeral Care. I'm the funeral director and embalmer and the one who goes out at all hours and helps when someone has died. I make funeral, cremation or after death arrangements with the families we serve. I feel fortunate I've found a career I enjoy so and am regularly challenged by.

    I grew up in my family's funeral home in New Jersey. I went to Mortuary School and received my National Board Certification and License to practice mortuary science in 1982. I worked with my parents for ten years and then decided to move my family to Fort Collins. I had worked for a local mortuary and then decided to offer funeral service my way, the way it was meant to be provided - as a service and not a sale.

    I am involved with several organizations in our community including the Alzheimer's Association, the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, the Eldercare Network and the Foundation on Aging; and am a member of my church's Liturgy Committee and Pastoral Council. I believe it is important to participate in community, church and family oriented activities. Not just to give back from my own blessings, but to remain closer to and stay aware of what's going on. Please call me if you have any concerns that I might be able to help you with or email me at [email protected]

  • Stephanie Goes

    Stephanie Goes Office Manager/Owner

    Hi! I am Stephanie Goes and I am a partner with my husband, Chris, in our business, Goes Funeral Care. I have a degree in Business Administration with majors in marketing and economics. I have worked in sales, marketing and customer service for several large companies including IBM, McGraw Hill Publishing and Neiman Marcus. I had worked in funeral service with my husband for 5 years in New Jersey at his parent's funeral home. I am the office manager and wear an assortment of other hats depending upon who is calling. I have an insurance license with the State of Colorado to be able to pre-fund final expenses.

    In my free time I am involved with my church and sing in the choir. I garden organically and work towards sustainable living in our home. I enjoy cooking and eating what I have grown and spend time researching nutrition as a complimentary interest to my gardening - I do this as a cancer survivor. I feel very strongly about helping and volunteering at the grassroots level, rolling up my sleeves, getting in the trenches and making a difference in our community. Who knows, we might change the world!

    I have helped to create Goes Funeral Care because I felt there was a need in our community to offer funeral service in a different way. A way where a family could feel more in control, where they could be better educated to make informed decisions best for them, where they wouldn't be taken advantage of in their vulnerable state and where the cost is not so great and there is no pressure or guilt to buy. If you ever wish to speak with me I can be reached at 970-482-2221 or email at [email protected]

  • Brett  Jarman

    Brett Jarman Funeral Director

    I am the other Funeral Director for Goes Funeral Care. I became interested in funeral service at a particular early age in life; as a result of the passing of a close family friend, then the movie “My Girl”. I felt connected to the funeral director roll and how he was able to accomplish the impossible task of providing compassion, healing and confidence for a grieving family. From that funeral, I was able to understand the value of developing and providing my unique talent for helping families through their pain, loss and loneliness; to creating a positive, healing, long lasting experience. I am committed to serving our families by extending comfort, compassion and finding meaning through their loss.

    Originally from South Dakota, I earned my Associate’s Degree in Applied Science of Marketing through Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls. For Mortuary School, I graduated from John A. Gupton College in Nashville, Tennessee, earning my degree in Mortuary Science with a concentration in the Art of Funeral Service. I am also certified, through Cremation Association of North America as a Crematory Operator.

    After considering various career opportunities, I chose Goes Funeral Care because of their devotion to “doing what is right for each family, not necessarily what is the best interest of the company, by industry standards… It’s about service…not sales.”

    Currently, I am an ambassador for the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce through the Red Carpet Committee. Where I have the opportunity to network with other professionals, engage and promote new and existing businesses. Our goal is to showcase businesses unique traits, ideas and opportunities within the community. I value spending my free time with my new wife, Theresa, where we are avid concert enthusiasts. We enjoy the outdoors; camping, hiking and playing Frisbee golf. We love Colorado, as it affords us the opportunity to experience all facets of our interests and building our lives and careers together.

  • Rachel Metzgar

    Rachel Metzgar Funeral Director

    My name is Rachel and I am a Funeral Director at Goes. Born and raised in Texas, I moved to Colorado to attend college at CSU. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy and English in 2007 and went on to work in hospice care, where I found my life’s work, supporting individuals and families through one of the most difficult times in their lives. After working in hospice for several years, I returned to school and earned my associate degree in Mortuary Science from Arapahoe Community College. I have also earned designation as a Certified Mortuary Science Practitioner through the Colorado Funeral Service Board.

    My approach to funeral care comes from my time spent serving people on both sides of this journey. In hospice care, I learned not only how important these final moments are, but also the days, weeks and months that follow. I am honored to have found Goes Funeral Care where I work alongside others whose mission aligns with my own. I do my best every day to help families make it through their loss, to create the most positive experience possible, and to help them remember the person they have lost in their own way.

    Outside of work, I enjoy time with friends and family, and the usual Colorado stuff – hiking, camping, snowboarding and being in the mountains. I am also a proud member of the Fort Collins Lions Club, where we help people locally and around the world. I love being part of this community where we care for each other and embrace all that life has to offer.

  • John B. Farrell

    John B. Farrell Funeral Home & Crematory Assistant

    John B. Farrell, IV is the Funeral Home & Crematory Assistant for Goes Funeral Care & Crematory, Inc. His previous work experience includes being the Facility Supervisor for Security at Poudre Valley Hospital from 2001-2013 and from 1971-2003, John worked in Wide Roll Manufacturing at Kodak in Windsor, Colorado. Happily married to his lovely wife Jean since 2006; he has two sons, Ian and Nathan and two step daughters, Debbie and Lisa and step son, Jeff.

    John is a native of Wilson, Oklahoma, growing up with two brothers and a sister. Tragically, John lost his younger brother in 2004. After graduating from high school, John became an astute student from the "University Of Hard Knocks," and has been a dedicated alumni ever since. John is a Vietnam Veteran 1968-1969 and served for four years in the Air Force Air/Security Police. He loves spending time with his family, being a homebody, spending time outdoors fishing & hunting and working for Goes Funeral Care. He also enjoys traveling and still wants to explore our beautiful state of Colorado.

    John's dedication to learning the funeral care business and how to serve people in a caring manner, has been a great, personal achievement. Through humility, compassion and respect for life, John is able to help families through the dark times and in turn, his experiences have, in his words, "made me a better person."