Designing Your Funeral

We offer a full array of services, including "traditional" funeral and burial services, as well as graveside services.

our burial services

our burial services

Where to start

There are a few big decisions to make when it comes to burial. First, consider what cemetery fits your family’s needs. This may be the cemetery where generations of your family are buried, it could be a national cemetery, or a cemetery that feels comforting and peaceful to you. We can even help coordinate transportation to another location for burial, including out-of-state or in another country.

Burial options

There are some additional considerations with burial. We can help you choose a casket and talk you through whether embalming may be necessary. Together, we will create a service unique to the person’s life. Options include a visitation, a formal funeral, a small private gathering, a graveside service, or a combination of these. 

When thinking about burial, you my also consider green burial. In our Northern Colorado community, we have an option for a 'green burial' at Roselawn Cemetery. If this environmentally-friendly choice appeals to you, we are the local experts. Learn more about green burial services here.