Honoring Life

One of our main goals is to honor the life of each person in a way that is meaningful and unique to them. We can help plan the perfect event, down to the last detail. 

our funeral & event planning services

our funeral & event planning services

Formal funeral and memorial service

A formal funeral or memorial can take place at a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or an event center. The person’s body may or may not be present at the service. In the case of cremation, the person’s ashes may be placed alongside their photo.

Celebration of life

A less formal memorial service or celebration of life can be a creative expression of the person and their family. Possibilities are endless. Some events we have helped organize include a golf-themed celebration, a board-game night, Thanksgiving dinner in July, a small in-home service. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Living funerals

More and more, people want to gather together to celebrate a person’s life before they are gone. A “living funeral” can be a birthday party, a family reunion, an anniversary party, an open house. Maybe the family gets together to help a person check something off their bucket list – skydiving anyone? Again, the possibilities for a living funeral or celebration of life are endless. Give us a call to learn how we can help plan a meaningful event.

Honoring a life - supporting friends and family 

Goes Funeral Care - CARES! There is nothing more important to our funeral home than ensuring the memorial service we organize is an affirming and authentic experience for all who attend - and who grieve. All the details are ours; the comfort is yours.