Water Cremation

Water Cremation

Cremation has become more common in recent years as people search for unique ways to honor loved ones. In simple terms, cremation is simply a way to accelerate the breakdown of the body after death. Today this can be done using either flame or in a newer process using water.

The basics of Water Cremation?

Water cremation provides a gentle, environmentally friendly way to return a person’s body to the earth. Much like natural decomposition that occurs when someone is buried naturally, this technology simply speeds up the process using the same alkali components found in the soil. Through this process, a person’s body is reduced to fragments of bone, which are processed into “ashes” or cremated remains. These ashes are then returned to the family in an urn of their choosing. For more in-depth information, visit our Water Cremation FAQ page.

About our Water Crematory

At Goes Funeral Care, our water crematory is on-site, so your loved one will not be transported to a third-party for cremation. The goal is that our trained staff will see the process through, treating people with dignity and respect every step of the way. Families are invited to see the crematory and learn more about their options before making any decisions. 

Cremation options

It is important to know all of your options when choosing water cremation. Your family may want to have a viewing, either public or private prior to the cremation. Some families also choose to be part of the cremation alongside us. This is also the time to start planning how you might honor the person’s life. This does not have to be a formal funeral service, but some type of gathering, celebration, or quiet moment can bring comfort at this time.

Next steps

Where do a person’s ashes go? Some families choose to keep a person’s ashes at home, perhaps on display in an urn. You can also bury cremated remains in a cemetery in order to have a permanent place to go to remember. Others may have a special place they want to scatter ashes. Ashes can be scattered from the air, turned into artwork, worked into jewelry…the list goes on.

Reasons for cremation

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons. Cremation can be cost effective for those who are working within a budget. We also see that families are more spread out than they once were, so there is no shared, local cemetery for them to visit. Whatever the reason, cremation provides many ways to honor a person’s life.

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