Permanent Memorialization

Prior to modern funeral services, much of what now takes place at the mortuary was actually done at home. At Goes Funeral Care, we are here to support families through a person’s death and final wishes, including working together to provide services in the home. 

our home funeral services

our home funeral services

Home funeral basics

A family can choose to have some, or all of their loved one’s services at home. This includes:

·         Preparation of the body

·         Viewing and visitation

·         Funeral service

Families often care for their loved ones in the home throughout illness and as they are dying. A home funeral can be a very natural continuation of this care after death.

The role of the funeral home

Our role in a home funeral is to act as a guide and support for the family. We will follow all of the legal channels to help report the death, file the death certificate, and obtain a state permit for the final disposition of the body (cremation or burial). Our staff are well-trained to provide care in the home. We can help the family to safely (and legally) care for their loved one. Finally, Goes Funeral Care can transport the person from the home to the place of final disposition, whether it be to the cemetery or another location for burial, or to the mortuary for cremation.

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